Le Pois Penché, French Brasserie

Arriving at the corner of Drummond Street and Boul Maisonneuve is where a well-lit brasserie decorated Paris style, this was my destination for tonight looking through the windows to check out the interior before entering this beautiful space.  The first thing I noticed was the seafood bar.  Yummy, you think? Yummy, it was… Ordering a few cocktails was a great suggestion from our server, and that started the evening out in the right direction.

For my appetizer, I ordered raspberry point oysters cultivated in Prince Edward Island, freshly delivered to this establishment.  They’re served with freshly grated horseradish, a mignonette with lemon wedges.  This was the best oyster I’ve eaten in a long time, probably since my grandfather picked them back in the ’80s in the province of New-Brunswick, the sea salt smell reminded me of the Maritimes, the fullness of the oyster and of course the freshness, they went down to fast, I should have ordered more of them.

My friend chose the crab cake, well I also helped hehe, as its one of my favourite appetizers, the presentation made the crab cake look as it tasted… delicious, crispy on the outside filled with real crabmeat, adding a well-balanced amount of flavours to top it off plus a great little side salad to add a curve of flavours.


For the main, I requested the help of the server for my wine selection. The wine selection is wild; the restaurant has a full-time sommelier on staff.  Anne came to our table, talked about my dinner selection and suggested the Chateau Bas, a red wine from the Coteaux-d’Aix-en-Provence for my duck confit with her accent from the south of France, she was a great fit with this Paris style Brasserie.

When our plates arrived, the aroma was tantalizing. The smoked duck confit melted off the bone.  My first bite was tender and juicy, with a hint of saltiness adding to the savoury sauce.  The red wine pairing of Château Bas brought out the rich flavours of the main dish, through its hints of sweet spices and floral notes. The duck was accompanied by sautéed fingerling potatoes, brussel sprouts in a thick mustard sauce.  Each bite was a delightful flavour!

My friend ordered the Atlantic salmon, a wow plate, a generous portion of salmon, flaky and prepared to perfection, topped with sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts placed a bed of sautéed spinach and kale.  The sommelier suggested NoLem, a white biodynamic wine from the South of France, with its hint of mango and peach flavours completing correctly with the salmon seafood option.

Now filled with lots of great food, cocktails and superb wines, we start deliberating on their dessert selection.

We ended up with 2 selection, I picked the fan favourite a well-prepared crème brulée.  This tasty classic had a unique dusting of vanilla bean base, adding to its subtle flavour, glazed with a perfectly golden candied shell and garnished with berries.  I enjoyed it while sipping on my after aperitif, a well-paired decision from the manager.

The other selection was a generous portion of brownie, with caramel popcorn, ice cream, fresh fruits, and crumble.  The not-too-sweet brownie was nutty and crunchy and was a perfect sharing option for both of us, or enough to satisfy a chocolate lover. The deserts hit the spot for being just the right portions, leaving us very satisfied.  Instead of a selection of coffees, we chose the apricot aperitif, which balanced well with the deserts.

What you expect when You plan a date night at Le Pois Penché?  A beautiful brasserie restaurant, the main floor seating has room for 135 guests.  The private room downstairs for up to 70 guests, I’ve heard that the Royal table setting is the best option: It will accommodate about 30 guests and is spectacular for private functions.  A hidden added room on the hotel side located on the main floor seats 20; this is used for small business lunches and dinners.

A hostess with a smile, greeting you, the oyster bar close to the entrance and very inviting, which got my attention right away.  Our server was quiet when moving around us, it made our evening classy while we used the services of the sommelier.

Tables are sized to my liking, large enough to fit the plated food, glassware and bread dish: all sat comfortably.  The decor reminded me of Paris brasserie.  The semi-open kitchen allowed us to keep an eye on what was happening in the kitchen.  Accompanied by the manager, I was able to visit the kitchen to capture a few quick shots.  Their large wine cellar is accessible upon request, with recommendations from their in-house sommelier.

You’ll be able to use street parking, or there are pay parking lots close by to the restaurant. If you’re travelling,  the Boutique Hotel CHEZ SWAN is attached to the restaurant.  In the summertime, the patio seems to be a superb choice.

A little casual Paris in Montreal!