2018 Ford Expedition


Fall is nearly here, and it’s a fly-fishing vacation as I buckle up in the 201,8 Expedition (https://www.ford.ca/suvs/expedition/models/platinum/) from Ford. As we drove to our destination, I turned on the back massager, rock and roll music is playing while we enjoy this sunny day.  On highway 50, the ride to Kanuk reserve is complemented with lots of wildlife wandering on or alongside the highway till Montebello even while trekking the back roads. This hot climate didn’t invite the rainbow trout to stay close to the top, having all of the right gear made fishing a great fun day.


Fishing had been a part of my family activities decades ago, now with the many years of city living, I’ve gotten back to my roots, and I’m beginning to enjoy nature’s best remedy. Filling, the 2018 Ford Expedition for this angling excursion was stress-free with the added leg space, accommodating six guests and myself with open space amongst the seats to fit the fly-fishing rods, gears and a cool box filled with food and drinks.
I love the trailer assist, it’s built-in with sensors to distinguish a label that you stick on your trailer’s hitch, and the devices will scan the movement and path of the truck, so you don’t end up jackknifing!


Our guide was Jamie Pistilli, a world-renowned fishing guide, TV personality, and wonderful all-around individual to educate us on specific tricks into this fly-fishing world.  Can you see Jamie as he arrives to meet us on the boat? His fishing line is dragging on top of the water?  Yes, and of course, lucky Jamie hooked for us our first rainbow trout, like that. While I struggled to get that rainbow trout out of the water for my first catch, it was a failed attempt the first of 3.  First attempt was unsuccessful, so was the second and the third lol at least the third time we got the trout close to the boat, she jumped out of the water and unhooked itself.

Fly-fishing has various rules and guidelines particularly in protected lands like Kenouk Nature (http://kenauk.com) as you can fish here, it is a catch and releases rule for everyone fishing on these specific lakes while caring for the future of the fish farm!  Your fly hook cannot have the small hook at the top; it helps to safely disengage the hook from the mouth of the trout with no damage done to it.  Now mine all got away even had an exciting time doing so.
With the ladies in the boat meant some great fishing stories, like here, Andrea is filling Sandi with her big fish that just jumped out of the water. I don’t think Sandi is buying it!


Filled up the trucks after our friend Andrea pulled the one lone, single fish into the boat, but the stories, the laughter, and fun we had on this incredible day on Twin Lake with our tour guide Jamie and the gang.  Our friends on the other boat also had some luck adding a single rainbow trout to the daily tally.


Making our way to Chateau Montebello for a dinner after a fab day on the water, we’re all beaming, excited to be back in the drivers seat of the 2018 Ford Expedition as we trek alongside these dirt roads, rocky areas and tight curves while enjoying mother natures work as the leaves are first to advance into their fall foliage.


The Chateau Montebello (https://www.fairmont.com/montebello/) offered us a great evening on their open-air patio, but not before I tried the park assist on the Ford Expedition.  I’ve never realized how useful the park assist was, once the turn signal is activated, It began looking for a parking space alongside the street, once the parking assist located one that fit the size of my Expedition a memo emerged indicating the size of the parking space to the ratio for the truck is perfect.  As you do for typical parallel parking, lining the vehicles and activating the parking assist to on, while keeping your foot lightly on your brakes, it will park itself while safely fitting the Expedition in tight areas.  With the help of your rear camera, you’ll be parking with ease and again, don’t forget you are in control of the breaks, the steering wheel will turn automatically to park you correctly.


After our feast, we sat around the campfire, wide-ranging country music next to us as we talked on this great day from getting paired up, our pros and cons of this vehicle and all the giggles we had today, it made it a fabulous day with some new and old friends.


The following morning, a gourmet buffet breakfast is ready for us, the rest of the day was spent at the pool as we enjoyed more laughter and the beautiful 32 degrees of a day.  Comfortably seated in this great SUV, sky roof opened, I’m pairing my telephone with the SUV’s system giving me access to my playlist, while the B&O sound system entertained me with all of my favorite summer songs.  Windows down, as I’m heading to Plaisance falls for a quick stop to enjoy mother natures beauty, I especially enjoy the calmness of water flowing in the background as I reflect on my day.  Such a great way to end my day! #add
Some additional photographs and specks:
-Pro Trailer Back up Assist
-6 Charging Hubs
-Audio-B&O 12 speaker audio system by Harman
-Adaptive speed control
-Driver-assist program.  
-13.8/10.7 L/100kms
-Seats 8
-360 view while using four cameras with split-view level
-Power: standard
-3.5l engine
-Transmission: 10 speed automatic with select shift capability.
-Engine block heater
-Hill street assist
-Hill descent control
-Fuel tank 94.6 litter

Fairmont Montebello

Ah, The adventures from Le Chateau Montebello

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