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Mudding with Toyota

A quick review of some exceptional offloading experiences with Toyota TRD PRO series.

Mudding, yes sir! I’m free, where are we going? Noëlville, do you know how to get there? NOPE didn’t even know it existed hehe. Once I landed at the Sudbury airport, the Toyota team is waiting for me with 1 of 2 brand new Voodoo Blue 2019 Toyota PRO TRD series trucks. Comfortable in our 2019 Toyota Tacoma or as we did, flipped the back seats to fit our equipment and luggage. We buckle up after the final destination is added on the screen of our navigation system. Phone pairing is complete before we make our way to Noëlville. The ease of towing a trailer on the highway made this trek enjoyable with the Tacoma. The scenic view we had, the rock and roll playing in the background and comfortable we got to stop for a few photo opportunities in this beautiful landscape area.


When arriving at The Lodge at Pine Cove: we checked in to our rooms and then by boat were off.  The famous French River, were many great explorers have paddled on this 110 km long waterway.  The views are out of this world as we troll along this Canadian Heritage with Alex at the stern of the boat.  Alex has a way to teach you about Canadian History that held my curiosity going during the length of the tour. The history of the trading era between the different native tribes located along the French River and the Hudson family just to name a few became the star of the day.  Where did the afternoon go? Alex’s interesting stories didn’t lose our attention if the rain tried to take over his class but it didn’t even matter to us.

The Lodge at Pine Cove, 1013 Highway 528 A, French River On Canada

Stepping off the boat, we start making our way to 5 fingers fall. Alex is giving us another history lesson, this time it’s on the native sacred grounds that we are stepping on. I don’t remember learning from my days in public school what had happened in our great Canadian history from the events on the French River. All the beauty mother nature has to offer in one little section of Ontario, just breathtaking!  Just look below for the beauty we got to witness today!

We got back to the lodge with some downtime to relax before we enjoyed a delicious meal prepared for us by the chef at the lodge’s restaurant. Pine Cove lodge offers lots of small activities for us to enjoy on the main grounds adding taking the beauty of fall foliage.  The Lodge at Pine Cove with 19 cottages to serve you better. Booking available for you 3 seasons of the year as you and your family will enjoy the endless beautiful moments day or night. Boating, kayaking and fishing opportunities are just a few of the activities you can find on or alongside the French River.

IMG_2266Sunrise peeking over the tree line while I’m sitting in the hammock located on my screened-in porch, the start of a new day is here, coffee is brewing, a breakfast basket delivered to my lodge that contains some orange juice, yogurt and a croissant making it a light nourishing breakfast before we head out on the next adventure.
Nature is beautiful here, filled with fresh unpolluted air, minimal wifi and it will offer you great historical stories to fill in our experience.  After a 2 hour tour in the voyageur canoe, we are back at the lodge and into our 2019 Toyota Tacoma as we head out to do some mudding and off-roading.


Several acres of land located at The Maples Golf club was the perfect set up for the expert team at Toyota PRO TRD.  The PRO team designed a specific course for this event, filled with obstacles, cliffs, mud holes and surrounded by beautiful fall foliage.  Built with component simulates any obstacles you will encounter while off-roading and mudding.  Buckled in and ready to try this off-road track with the 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO series, we’re ready to tackle the first steep hill and this was insane. Adrenaline rush began as we follow the course to the log road obstacle. The logs stacked like sardines in an uneven placement along the trail while making sure the trucks one touch part-time 4WD with an electronically controlled transfer case and limited slip differential collaborated.

The 4Runner was my favourite of the 3 Toyota TRD Pro, the available Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) and Crawl Control are meant to help keep optimal traction, even on uneven terrain. KDSS automatically adjusts the suspension system for better wheel articulation, while Crawl Control automatically modulates the throttle and brakes on five low-speed settings. Crawl Control worked as followed; once it is activated the gas and breaks are activated from one wheel to another.  Hold the steering wheel and crawl control will take care of the rest, that’s all!

2019 Full-size Tundra ~ With two powerful i-FORCE engines to choose from — a brawny 5.7L V8 or an efficient 4.6L V8 — there’s a Tundra built to match your needs. Both engines feature Dual Independent Variable Valve Timing with intelligence to optimize engine breathing for maximum power and efficiency.

The 2019 Tundra TRD PRO was the looker of the weekend, with the biggest engine of the 3 Toyota we test drove, the remarkable torque from the 5.7L V8,  equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, two-piece driveshaft and massive 10.5-in. ring gear.  Hauling our Yamaha Wolverine is our test for the force, control and speed on the highway or the dirt road on the way to the cottage.  Crew max for added comfort in both front and back seats as we folded the seats to fit our equipment and gear.  Led headlights, rigid fog lights and a short box to help you drive safely and transfer some equipment.   Desert Air Intake, a high-rise snorkel that not only looks awesome but sucks in cleaner air from higher above trail.  The off-road trail was a pleasure to experiment with the Tundra truck, a great place to play with it.

Yamaha was a partner on this beautiful weekend, we got to test drive a few of their 2019 Yamaha, to the woods we go.  The new 2019 all-new Wolverine X2 combines proven off-road capability and confidence-inspiring performance for the recreational rider looking to get the most out of their side-by-side. Featuring a compact and nimble chassis, smooth and quiet 847cc in-line twin cylinder engine, the Wolverine X2 provides the ideal design and power character for a variety of drivers looking to explore and realize their off-road adventure.  I loved playing in mud holes, spinning my tires as the engine has lots of power and a great combination with the Toyota products.

A few extra photos from this amazing event:

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On different social media platforms, my name is Roland Bast,  my home-base has been Ottawa, Canada during the last 10 years. In 2018 I’ve worked or collaborated with many great clients, including Chateau Fairmont Laurier, Chateau Fairmont Montebello, GMC Canada, content creator for Homme Magazine (quarterly) Parc Omega, Tourism Outaouais.  The previous year I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate on campaigns for Lexus Canada, GMC Canada, Canadian Geographic: Lac Beauport Quebec, Canadian Geographic: James Bay, Andaz Hotel Ottawa, MëNa restaurant, Le Pois Penché French Brasserie, ATMA restaurant, Homme Magazine, The Westin Hotel. As my other social media platforms attain the largest of my consumer reach, currently the phase to grow as arrived and Fall 2017 I added blogging.  While I’m appreciating each occasion that I acquire to trek around the world with diverse cultures that enrich my living experiences. Let’s travel and explore the world together.

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